Balloon Error on my Taskbar

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I have an old Dell desktop PC that runs Windows XP for a long time. Suddenly, I started receiving a balloon on my taskbar stating that my virtual memory is very low. After receiving this error, my computer just keeps on freezing when I attempt to do something with it. I tried running my AVG free edition and my Malwarebytes as well to no luck. Then I tried Spybot and Ad-Aware but the error is still there. My computer also freezes when performing defragmentation. What is causing this and how I can resolve it? Please help me, as I am on my way thinking that my computer is on its way out. Thank you.

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Balloon Error on my Taskbar


Dear Maria Warwick,

The main reason for showing the error for low virtual memory is that your C drive has used full capacity. So first go to add remove program in control panel. Remove unwanted programs which used more space. If the problem still as it is then you need to increase the virtual memory.
To increase the virtual memory follow these steps :-
1. Right click on my computer
2. Go to Properties.
3. Go to Advanced tab.
4. Now click on settings under performance.
5. Click on Advanced tab under the Performance Options.
6. Now you have to set the virtual memory by clicking on Change.
7. Click on Custom size and set the Initial size 700 and Maximum size 1500 in MB. Now click Ok.
8. Restart your computer now. 
Hope this can resolve your problem.
Jasbir Singh
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Balloon Error on my Taskbar


Once I had this problem too,must tell you,it was really irritating. I think this balloon is a weird error which is a really tough thing to handle. No Anti-virus software will ever have effect upon this crazy thing,it will just keep showing up time after time and where you are using free anti-virus software versions it will never have any effect on it. you do not need to defragment it. just reboot you whole system using your windows cd,install the motherboard and the watch for it. But if it still persists,you will need to change your hard disk. But you can copy your files from the old one to the new one. At that time keep a licensed anti-virus installed and running.

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Balloon Error on my Taskbar


Hi dear,

This is not an error, it is a notification that your virtual memory is low. Virtual memory works just like RAM, but it detects space from hard disk. We can change it at any time as we wish. Just select System Properties and click on Advanced.

This window will appear, click on the settings button as shown in this picture.

Then, click on Advanced and Change button. A new window will appear as shown here.

Choose the minimum and maximum capacity that you want to allow for virtual memory, and click the Set button. Now, you will not have this problem. Thanks.

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Balloon Error on my Taskbar



I hope you know about RAM or Main Memory. This is very important part of the computer. RAM loads all those files that are being processed.

Same as above, Virtual memory acts just like RAM. It has the same features and working as RAM. But it has no physical body or existence.

Virtual Memory is located on the Hard Disk. It means the capacity of virtual memory is located from the hard disk. You can set it without adding any new component. As we increase RAM by adding one or more RAMs.

This can be increased by the following way.

Right click on my computer icon and take properties or type “sysdm.cpl” in Run and press enter. It will open System’s property. Choose “Advanced” tab then this windows will appear.




Now on this window, click on Setting, as highlighted in the picture, and this window will appear.



Click on Advanced and then on settings. After this process, virtual memory setting dialog box will appear as in following picture.


1. Here in this picture, there are two boxes.

  • Initial Size (MB)
  • Maximum Size (MB)

In first box, type minimum limit of memory that you want to allow. And in 2nd box, type maximum size of virtual memory in Megabytes.

After this, click on set button.

It will remove your problem.

I hope it will help.


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