Is it possible to use a TV as a monitor?

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Hello friends,

I have been using a desktop pc since 2005. I have an old Samsung monitor which came with that pc. I always wanted to change that monitor with a LCD monitor. Recently I have bought a LCD TV. But it doesn’t have any VGA import jack through which I can connect my pc with the LCD TV.

I don’t want to waste my money in buying another LCD for my pc. I am looking for a system that will help me to use my LCD TV as a LCD monitor for my pc. I don’t know anything about the existence of this sort of system which will convert my TV to a Monitor. I searched for a device which will provide me that facility, but I have not found anything like that (may be it’s the result for don’t knowing the specific device name). If anybody knows that device’s name like that, please help me.

Thank you for your time.

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Is it possible to use a TV as a monitor?


You have some option. You may choose the one that is most suitable for your budget and preferences:

1) If your PC is from 2005 is very possible that you have an old video card that doesn't have digital output like HDMI or DVI. Both of this output are the most suitable option to connect your PC to your LCD TV because they provide the best compatibility for your connection (they deliver the signal as red, green and blue color components in a bitstream way).

Your new monitor has a 1080p or 720p native resolution and the signal for that resolution is best transmitted on a digital connection, so your best option is to buy a new video card. There are hundreds of video card that support HDMI and DVI (don't worry they have also a VGA output) and the starting price is 50$. Be sure to buy one that are compatible with you motherboard.

2) If you already have a recent video card, or if you just bought one then it must support a DVI or even a HDMI connection and all you need in this case is a DVI/HDMI cable that connects your Video card to your TV. The rest is easy because you just have to adjust your resolution (chose the native resolution of the LCD TV).

3) There cheep option in chase you have an old video card, and that is to buy a VGA to S-Video/RCA Cable Adapter for 3$ and use the analog signal connect your Pc to your TV. In this case, the quality is limited, and you can't use the old monitor at the same time.

Personally, I recommend you to invest in a new Video card.


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Is it possible to use a TV as a monitor?


Hi there, Benjamin,

I have a simple and not-so-technical answer for your problem. And you only need is to read and be educated from this website. I found it useful for your situation. And what I am waiting for? Here is the link to that website.

I hope it helps. So good luck. Have a good Saturday to come.

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