Is it possible to split UTP cable?

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Is it possible to split UTP cable?

I want to save cables on my LAN set-up, to save of course little bucks in my pocket.

Is it possible to split a UTP cable for two LAN connections? Does splitting the cable affect my network, if two connections are shared in just one UTP cable?

If it is possible, how?

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Is it possible to split UTP cable?


Saving cables on your LAN set-up, will be a very economical idea. We have a tried and tested suggestion that gets proposed again and again. But it has one limitation, as the general consensus is that, it is possible but cross talk between the two circuits will limit the effective bandwidth (its quality versus expense).

So if you can put up with a slow network  and compromise with the quality, then it's worth trying. You can buy 'splitters'  which are available on quite a few online networking equipment suppliers website.  These plug in to each end of a cat5 and split the spare pairs for you. In fact, if you are making this yourself, then just split the pairs behind the plate at each end and wire to 2 separate jacks  (provided that you have a plate at each end).

The more worthy solution which I call standard solution is, to install a hub (or switch) at the remote end, so that more than several PCs can share the cable. In this way, it is possible to split the pairs as you have suggested in your query. But there is a catch, the downside is that the next generation of wired Ethernet (Gigabit) requires all four pairs per link, so it will not support an upgrade.

Another better solution can be, without drawing more wires, is to add a cheap mini hub or switch upstairs.

Hopefully it will save your money and will be economical in your budget.

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