Is it possible to share a internet connection between two computers?

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Hey experts,

How are you all?

Firstly I want to share you one thing that I don’t have much knowledge about, computer networking. That’s why I am searching for help from here. I had one PC in my room. Recently one of my friends begins to live beside my home. He also has a PC.

I use a Wimax internet modem for my internet connection. It has 1mbps speed. So it is enough speed to share with another PC (512kb/512kb). I want to share my internet connection with my friend, who is living beside my home. But the system to share a connection between two computers is unknown to me. I don’t know if it is possible or not.

If it possible, I have some questions-

  1. Is there any extra hardware needed?
  2. Is it possible through a Bluetooth device?
  3. Is it possible to share with another one PC?

If anybody knows anything about the sharing of one internet connection between two PCs, then please share it with me.

It will be great news for me if I can really do it.

Please, help me!!

Thank you.

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Is it possible to share a internet connection between two computers?


Hello Williams,

Yes, is it possible to connect or share internet in other PC. You need to have a hardware called router. That device enable to connect internet in your computer and your friend's PC. The connection can be a wired or wireless depends on the router and the configuration itself.

For wired communication, connect your modem and router using cat5 base10 UTP cable straight through color coding. Then, connect your PC and your friend PC to the router using the same physical configuration above, as well as your the computer of your friend. After you have created a local area network. You have to configure the connection. example: if u are using Linksys router, and Windows Operating system. you can easily configure it.

First install the router driver then follow the steps during the installation> finish. Click start >panel>network and Internet connections>network connections>local area connections>properties>Internet protocol(TCP/IP)>properties>Obtain Obtain an IP address automatically. Then will be sharing of the internet.

For wireless communication, enable wireless configuration on the router. go to the default router IP type on your browser then find wireless then enable> its up to you if you put a security settings or password restrictions that don't allow other PC to connect except you and your friend. Internet configuration depends on what is your Internet Service Provider and the hardware device, and software  you are using. 

I hope I could give you the information you need.

Thank you,


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Is it possible to share a internet connection between two computers?


Since you are using WIMAX modem, it is designed for wireless technology with a high speed broadband internet that makes fast internet service connectivity. Even though it is limited only for coffee shops or hot spot location, it is wirelessly connected to your PC or laptop computers.

Your location can be applicable using this connectivity. The easiest and convenient way of connecting the internet because you only have to turn on the Wimax and connect to the internet, no extra device to use. No holes in the walls, floors or ceiling.

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