Is it possible to setup password to PDF files??

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PDF files are a good place to store data. PDF files are non-editable which makes it more stable. But it can be editable using some kind of software so i am thinking about the security of the PDF files. Is it possible to use password protection to PDF files? If it is possible then how can it be done? I like to know the procedure of the process.

PDF files are a very good format to store data inside it so important data can be stored if the Password protection can be applied. This will help to handle very secret data and it will give very secure transfer of data's. So its very important for me as well for those people who use PDF files regularly in their work.

I hope a detailed answer which can help me to learn about the process.

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Is it possible to setup password to PDF files??



PDF is an awesome format to share documents with others not letting them to change or rewrite any text on the document. For many reason we have to put password on PDF file. Like sharing confidential information or your project etc. It’s the safest way. Well putting password in the PDF file is really an easy task. I’m showing you how to do this.
Solution One.
1. Open your desired file in Acrobat Reader Software.
2. Now from the menu – Choose File > Document Security…
3. From the "Security Options" drop-down menu will appear.
4. Now select "Acrobat Standard Security"
5. Don’t forget to make a check mark in the box labeled "Password required to open document" it’s necessary.
6. Type your desired password.
7. Click ok.
8. A window will be opened in front of you asking you to confirm the password to open the document.
9. After entering this and clicking OK, another window will be opened asking you to confirm the password to change security settings.
10. Now Confirm the password. The Document Security window then opens. Click "Close."
11. Now your PDF file is password protected.
Solution Two
You can also add a required password to change permissions or password. For that –
1. Check or tick that box “required password to change permissions or password”, and give the password. This password must be different than the first one.
2. If you want your document to be password accessible to users who have previous versions of Acrobat Reader (versions earlier than 5.0) do not change the 40-bit encryption setting.
Solution Three
You can also do a lot of stuff by checking the box next to the options you wish to apply – for example
  • Suppress or ban printing of the PDF document,
  • Suppress or ban changing the document,
  • Suppress or ban content copying or image extraction,
  • Suppress or ban adding or changing comments.
The main problem with the PDF password is that if you forget your passwords, you will never be able to open the document again. So keep your password safely.
Hope you find it effective.
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Is it possible to setup password to PDF files??


Hi Giggs,

I know you need a software to encrypt your PDF files. But it needs to be download, right? So here's a website that adds password to your PDF –

To use, just select the file to be protected. Then set a password. After that, choose the type of encryption ("High" is the default choice). And lastly, click "Protect". That's it. Your PDF is now password-protected.

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Is it possible to setup password to PDF files??


Is it possible to setup password to PDF files?

Yes, it is possible to setup passwords for PDF files.

This is the method.

First open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Professional. In File menu, click on ‘Document properties’ option.

Click on the ‘Security’ option in the left hand side list. Then select the ‘Password Security’ option for the security method. Then the ‘Password Security – Settings’ dialog box will be opened.

If you want to set a password to open the file, just check the ‘Require a password to open the document’ and, add a password.

If you want to add a password to give permissions to print, change or copy contents of the document , check the ‘Use a password to restrict printing and editing of the document and its security settings’. From the drop-down menus you can select how those permissions are to be set also.

After clicking the ‘Ok’ button you will have to confirm the passwords.

Now save the file and close it.

Open the file again and verify that your passwords are working.

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