Is it ok if I copy software?

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Hi techyv,

Is it ok if I copy software? I want to copy software from my friends laptop. Is it just fine if I borrow his software and install it to my computer? Thanks.

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Is it ok if I copy software?


It is perfectly in order to copy a software program from one computer system to another and can be done by using a flash drive, a memory stick or a blank CD-R. Use the following process to transfer programs to your laptop;

  • The first thing is to locate where the software is installed (i.e. my computer – local disk (C) – program files)
  • Then select the program you want to copy.
  • Copy the file to the desktop
  • Now insert your flash drive/memory stick/CD-R, a dialogue box will Select "Open Folder to View Files."
  • Copy the program file into it by just dragging and dropping the file into it, DO NOT copy as a shortcut.
  • For the CD-R, when it does, you are ready to copy the file. Click "Burn to a CD" found on the left-hand menu.
  • Name the program file when the dialogue box appears and Click "Next" and your program will copy to the CD-R.
  • Now you can transfer the file to your computer by clicking the Application file and following the installation process.
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Is it ok if I copy software?


Copying software from anybody is fine as long as it is free or it is freeware or shareware. Freeware is a program offered at no cost and available for downloading. Freeware is different from free software. With freeware, the program may be copyrighted and cannot be modified but can be used free of charge. With free software, the program is absolutely free.

You can modify it, redistribute it, and use it for free. But when redistributing a version of the free software, the original terms of free use, distribution, and modification must be included. On the other hand, a shareware is a consumer program in trial version. Shareware are sometimes offered as fully-functioning programs with all features activated just like what a registered version offers.

But the program works only for a specified amount time or what they call the trial period. When the trial period expires, the program stops working and you have to purchase it to continue using it. The shortest trial period I’ve seen so far is 15 days and the longest is 30 days.

If the program you want to copy requires a license, check with the original owner first if the license covers installation on other computers. Sometimes a license covers up to 2 computers. If the program you want to copy has or requires a license that means the owner purchased the software.

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