Issues on customizing visited hyperlinks

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My problem may sound very simple to some of you guys, but for me it isn’t. I made a hyperlink and visited hyperlinks but I found out that the color doesn’t change when clicked on visited hyperlinks. The worse thing is, when I am on Edit mode, there is no problem with color changing. It is working fine in Edit mode. What should I do?

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Issues on customizing visited hyperlinks


You need to learn CSS to create a customized hyperlinks. This will help you remove all of those annoying lines when you create hyperlinks. Now I suggest that you visit this website to learn about CSS.

Look for the CSS tutorial on the left side.

Learn the most basic ones like linking the .CSS file using the <link rel></link> to link your CSS file. Create the customization you want in the .CSS file on the same format like below:

a:link {color:#FF0000;}      – this is for unvisited link
a:visited {color:#00FF00;} – this is for visited link
a:hover {color:#FF00FF;}  – this is for mouse over link
a:active {color:#0000FF;}  – this is for selected link

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Issues on customizing visited hyperlinks


Hello Adam,

To set your hyperlinks so that when you click on them or point the cursor on them the color changes you will need to add some code in the code view of Dreamweaver (hoping that you are working with Dreamweaver or html to create the hyperlinks).

To do this, just use the following simple procedure:

  • In the Dreamweaver menu, click on modify, and then click on page properties
  • Next click on the background color and thereafter select the color of the page that you are working on.
  • Thereafter click on the links which are under 'category links' so as to set the your links.
  • Choose the color for the link followed by another color for the rollover links
  • In the underline style, click and select the 'show underline only on rollover'
  • After you is done press OK.

Now go to the browser and view the behavior of the links, see what happens when you move the mouse over them.


Lee Hung

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