Issues on browsing Mozilla Firefox

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I installed Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox which I used as my primary web browsers.

By using Internet Explorer, everything works fine while browsing the internet.

However, when I use Firefox, it keeps on freezing and hanging.

What should I do to change the settings in my Firefox so it will work the same way as Internet Explorer?

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Issues on browsing Mozilla Firefox


Try to run your Firefox in Safe Mode and then open it again. It might be an add on problem that causes it to crash.

And then stop all add on and one by one enable it why restarting your Firefox each and every time you enable one.

 If you can't identify the problem, then I suggest that you do a uninstall of Mozilla and the reinstall it again but make sure that you downloaded the latest version of the installer from the web.

You can also try a different web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

But I recommend you try Google Chrome first and test if it fits your preference.


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Issues on browsing Mozilla Firefox


Check also your computer's hard drive if there is any error in the file structures.

Any error in this part usually causes some functional abnormalities in the application and sometimes the application just crashes after opening. Use your disk utility application, if you have any, to check your hard drive or else just use the Windows disk check.

1. Right click on drive C and then select Properties.

2. Click Tools tab.

3. Click Check Now.

4. Check Automatically fix file system errors and then hit Start.

Run the application after the disk check.

If there is no change, the best solution would be to upgrade it to the latest release, Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1. 

Or just click here to download.

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Issues on browsing Mozilla Firefox


Hello Gray,

The first thing you will do is to check the proxy settings in the Firefox browser and see if the proxies are set in the same way as those that you are using in internet explorer.

Change the proxy settings accordingly to be appropriate to the network you are using.

You can also troubleshoot the problems that Firefox is having by going to Help, and then 'Troubleshooting Information'. Follow the procedure and give details pertaining your problem as you are taken through each step.

If the problem persists, you can get another version of Firefox and install, since the version you are having may be having some compatibility problems with the

Operating System that you are using. 

Regards Lee Hung

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