How do I lower Memory and CPU usage by Google Chrome

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Of late I have been using a Pentium 4 computer that has 2 GV DDR II RAM. When working with Google chrome, the machine is required to work harder. This is because for every open tab on Google chrome lead s to creation of a new process. As a result of this, opening just five tabs causes the available unused memory to reduce tremendously and also uses a large part of CPU. On the other hand, when using Opera, only 20% of CPU is in use with 20 Tabs open. Unfortunately, I prefer using Google chrome to Opera. Do you have any idea on how I can have Google chrome use lower memory and CPU? You are welcome to help.

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How do I lower Memory and CPU usage by Google Chrome


You need to consider the following;

  • Process per tab: which is the default mode whereby every tab has its own independent process. Although this takes up most of the memory, it improves the rendering of web pages making the browser stable because each tab acts as a separate process independent from the others.
  • Process per site: one process for each unique website, example when a user has two tabs open for Gmail and have another tab for computer place, the user will have two tabs of Google running under the same process.
  • Single Process: this is the simplest mode whereby all tabs run as a single process, this ensures that memory is freed up for the other applications. It has the smallest footprint however when one tab crashes, the entire chrome will crash.

You may want to check this link for more information

To launch Google Chrome in a single process mode, you follow these steps;

You will need to have a Google Chrome shortcut created then right click it

Go to properties and add “–single-process” just after the space. See the example below:

"C:Documents and SettingsAdminLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe" –single-process


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How do I lower Memory and CPU usage by Google Chrome


Hello Ashley,

The reason why Google Chrome a lot of memory and CPU space is because it uses multi-process architecture which implies that  all running applications in Chrome are isolated from each other. For that reason, you will have better control over tabs, plug-ins as well as extensions, and that means that when a plug-in or a tab crashes, you will have other tabs and processes undisturbed.

Sometimes, Google Chrome, can take up a large chunk of CPU usage because of the multi threading process. The following are the thing you will need to do to decrease Google Chrome CPU usage.

  • First, you will need to review and sweep-out unused extensions.
  • You will also need to temporarily turn off extensions.
  • And then you will keep an eye on “Background Pages”.
  • After that disable “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”
  • And then clear Chrome Browser Cache.



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