Isasse exe system error occur windows 2000 installing time

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Hello there,

I tried to install Windows 2000 to an older PC that I have for back-up and this error stopped the installation. I tried to install it from a CD and a USB and both have this error. For the moment I don’t think that might be an error with Windows 2000 because I used before and worked just fine. Please can anyone help me to fix this and also tell me why I have this error?

Thank you!

Isass.exe – System Error

Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error: The security ID structure is invalid. Error Status: 0xc0000078. Please click to shut down this system and reboot into Safe Mode, check the event log for more detailed information.



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Isasse exe system error occur windows 2000 installing time


Microsoft Windows 2000 is a very old operating system and it is so old that the specifications are really extremely small than with modern operating systems right now. The only possible reason that I think will prevent you from installing it is maybe if the installed RAM on your computer is way above 4 GB because it is the maximum amount of physical RAM allowed for Microsoft Windows 2000.

Another possible reason that might trigger the problem is a problem in the hard drive which is maybe due to an incorrectly partitioned hard drive or your hard drive has physical errors that need to be fixed. Since you are still on the process of installing the operating system, if your hard drive doesn’t contain any data or personal files besides the operating system, delete the entire partition of the hard drive.

After that, create a new partition in your hard drive or preferably it will be better if you create at least two partitions: one for your operating system and the other one is for your personal files. It is always better to separate your personal files from your operating system. Windows 2000 requires only 650 MB free space so make the partition for drive C big enough to install the operating system and the programs you’ll be installing in the future.

Also check the processor of your computer to see if it is compatible. Though Windows 2000 only requires Pentium 133 MHz, it can only support up to two processors on one computer. So, if your computer is running on Dual Core or higher processors, it may not run or will exhibit errors.

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