IPad mini: Rumor or not.

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According to a Chinese website, iPad mini will arrive in this year to compete with Windows tablets. Is it rumor or not? If it is true then what will be the expected price? 

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IPad mini: Rumor or not.


There has been a rumor spreading that a pint-sized version of iPad is coming for a price of $249-$299. This may be good news to everyone especially for those who just uses tablet on operations and sales but still, we have to consider its down sides.

Smaller keyboard will never be ideal in business transactions and the likes. Tasks will be limited like photo editing and other media options. And most importantly, smaller tablet would only mean smaller batteries which wouldn’t last long unlike the bigger ones.

But this will remain just a rumor until it actually materializes. 

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IPad mini: Rumor or not.

Hi Mr. Griesham,
Many are excited on the new gadget of apple about the mini iPad of apple, based on the information that I read to msnbc.com, the website declared that there are millions of iPad Minis that will be release in this third quarter of the year 2012, and would rate between the ranges of 249 to 299 dollars.
The gossip of this device were originally reported by the Chinese web portal NetEase, and claimed to have the access to the companies of East Asian that manufactures apple products.
In some rumor it is uncertain whether the purpose of the mini iPad would be proposed for the use as a smaller version of the tablet or capable to function as a cell phone.
Stanislava Yap
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IPad mini: Rumor or not.


Till now it is a rumor as the Apple Inc. itself yet not announced the iPad Mini (or whatever it’ll be called) officially. According to NetEase (the Chinese website you are talking about) the iPad Mini may be prized at either $249 or $299. 

This source also claim that Apple plans to unveil about 6 million mini iPads (7.85") in third quarter of 2012 to further expand its market shares to combat with the upcoming wave of Windows 8 tablets(which also launches this fall).

Actually the report given by NetEase is originally based on “Taiwan media reports” and it is reported that the Apple Inc. has been giving orders to factories in the region like mainly to Honhai Precision (Foxconn) and Pegatron.

There is also a report comes from 'The Korea Times' that Apple was buying from Samsung LCD technology which is PLS-based for making small iPads.

An Samsung official, the name of whom is kept hidden also informed the publication that Apple is going to release those smaller iPads to compete with its rivals in market especially Amazon Kindle Fire & Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Therefore, it seems there is no prominent evidence that proves that it’ll surely come out in the Q3 this year. But the rumor is very logical that a smaller iPad is coming because it’ll cost less for its reduced size, it will become more easy to carry and of course to survive in this very competitive market.

So, the iPad Mini is must. Only the question remains, ‘When’? Keep patience.

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