IPad displays a blue screen on start up

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Hi everyone,

I am getting a blue screen from my iPad just out of the blue. I just woke up to this problem and I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. The Classic iPad is 6 months old. Someone asked me if drivers were up to date and they are. What other suggestions can you provide?

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IPad displays a blue screen on start up


   This can be a very similar problem that was caused when the IOS 3 came into the market from apple.

The cause of this problem can be missing IOS files.

The solution can be to reinstall the latest version of IOS by re-running the updates.
This will solve the problem

If the problem still persists then you will have to get it checked from the shop where you bought it.
It can be due to hardware malfunction also.

Hope this helps you in a positive way! 🙂

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