IP address and the subnet masks turn ZEROs

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I think I have a virus!

Everytime i set my IP address and the Subnet masks to the required they all turn ZEROs when I close the dialog box

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IP address and the subnet masks turn ZEROs

Dear Kyle Harrison,
After reading your problem  that your IP address and the Subnet masks turns zeros even after you change the value every time.
That may be a virus problem and maybe you also have a problem with your modem. But to check that if your computer is affected by a virus, I would like to suggest you to use a genuine antivirus.
I use Avast antivirus and it works for me well.
If you want to download it then you can get it here. www.avast.com/  
After downloading install the antivirus and then scan your computer , if it solves your problem then it is good and congratulations .If the problem still persists then there may be a hardware problem or I would also like to suggest you to reinstall windows before going up to the hardware conclusion.
Hope I answered your question.
If there is any more queries then feel free to ask me the question .I would be more than happy to solve your problem.
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IP address and the subnet masks turn ZEROs


That’s not supposed to happen when you manually enter your IP address and DNS server addresses on the computer. If they really change back to zeros every time you enter the IP addresses then select the first option to obtain the address automatically. For the IP address, select “Obtain an IP address automatically”. For the DNS servers, select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”. See if this works. See image.

In case nothing happens and there is still a problem, maybe it’s time to check your computer if there is a virus. First, update your antivirus so it will be equipped with the latest virus signatures and it can recognize the latest threats. Do a full system scan on your computer. Also, perform a separate scan for the folder System Volume Information.

Most worms hide in this folder and start the infection from there. Also, some of the antivirus programs tend to exclude this folder from real-time scan and other scans. If you don’t see it, double-click My Computer then click Tools and then Folder Options. Select View tab. Select “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” then click OK. Go to drive C, right-click System Volume Information folder then select Scan.

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