Internet connection is down in ninja trader europe vps.

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Hi All,

I have learnt that  ninja trader europe vps should always keep running. But It is not possible to keep it always running. What will happen if the internet connection goes down? Please explain me in brief.


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Internet connection is down in ninja trader europe vps.



Hi there Deborah Hall,

Internet connection drops out is happening when the internet connection is not in use even some programs are online.

1st Change the DNS server and domain name.

(Same as before going to step 2)

2nd need to find out where is the problem is it whether in computer or with internet.

3rd in order to identify the problem first look for problems in computer. When the internet connection goes down try plugging the router into another computer.

Do you still have the problem? (If so there is no problems in your computer)

4th you need to determine whether the problem is with the internet connection or local network.

5th try a network printer or share some files via network to identify whether there is a problem in the local network.

Note – if these can access your local network try these simple tests

  • Turn off your firewall
  • If you’re using Ethernet replace the cable
  • If your using Wi-Fi try using Ethernet
  • Place your PC where you can get a better signal
  • Try re-installing the adapter drivers

If these tests did not solve your problem go to step 6

6th you need to identify the problem with the internet

7th try replacing the cable which is used to connect modem to the router

8th try replacing the cable going to the wall to the router

9th change the router

If none of these steps are helping you to solve the problem you need to put complain to your service provider.

Taylor B Campos

Thank You..!!

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