The Internet Browsers and its limits

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Hi friends,

How many internet browsers can be used in one computer system?

How is it possible to use if more than two internet browsers in one computer system?

When you use more than one browser what is the limits in terms of use for downloading and browsing?

Thanks for your answers.

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The Internet Browsers and its limits


Normally there is no limit of internet browsers to be used in one computer system. Actually internet browser is just a program and computers do not have any limits on the number of programs to be installed, unless you run all of them at once, which will slow down your computer. You can install any number of browsers you want, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Netscape, RockMelt etc.

You can also run same browser several instances at once. But when you run several at once, and open a lot of tabs on them, they would consume a lot of RAM memory. So, if you have low RAM, it may slow down your computer. But closing them will restore the speed again. Also, opening a lot of web page at once may slow down your download too.

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The Internet Browsers and its limits


Generally there is no such limit of how many Internet Browsers you can use in a Computer. But it totally depends on the Computers capability i. e. Processor, RAM, HDD etc. While using multiple browsers at a time the Internet Speed is also shared between them. In this case the internet among the browsers is used on first come first get basis.

It is better to use a Download Accelerator to download files. DAP has the capability to embed in various browsers and you can download multiple files in a single instance but it’ll slow down the Internet Speed.

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The Internet Browsers and its limits



Please see below answer one by one.
1. Actually there are no limits for use browsing software. Only Mac operating system will not give you permission to install all browsing software. But with windows operating system, there is no limit to install browsing software. Here you can use Mozilla, Opera, Google chrome, safari etc. Also internet explorer is the built in browser with the windows.
2. You need to make a default browser for one and another will work as regular software. Normally with windows system Internet explorer is default browser. But you can make default with Mozilla or Opera also. There is no restriction for use Browser at a time.
3. There are no terms of limit for download or browsing. The entire Browser has their own system for download file from internet. So you not need to worry about this.
Now install many browsers in your computer and open all of them and browse as well.
Hope you get all your answer.

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