I have 3.5 Gb monthly limit on my internet? Any affect?

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I've recently switched internet providers and was told that I now have a limit of 3.5 gigabytes a month. Since I have netflix, how is this going to affect me or will it affect me at all? I usually stream movies instead of getting the discs in the mail because I tend to like more T. V. shows than movies. Does this mean I'm going to need to up my plan and if so,

what do you recommend?

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I have 3.5 Gb monthly limit on my internet? Any affect?


What you have to do. The internet providers have much more plane in which one of yours. The offers these plain according to payment. How much you pay to them. If you have selected the scheme in which you have 3.5 GB limitation per month you must have to ask your internet service provider that are these limitation are included for browsing as well, because as much as i know the companies limit it for downloading but not for browsing.

If they have kept their limitation for browsing as well then it will effect you more because this will be expired in two to three day. if the browsing is not included in the limitations then. it will effect you to some extend. if like to watch TV or other channels then you have to change your plain to unlimited.


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