Internal Machine address default question

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If I want the internal machine at that runs IIS/ Share Point or something like that with the user at  goes to the SBS Server and sees a Internal Website , is it true that this website goes to the Internal Machine at the 192 address or will it go to the default ?

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Internal Machine address default question


Hello Abbiegail,

The website will go to the 192 address if you have set it to use the internal server, which is advisable for private organizations which do not share information out of the information. But if the organization is using an external firewall then the website will go to the default external server.

These settings, whether the website should be used internally or externally are configured using a firewall. If the firewall malfunctions it could lead to the website being sent to an external server hence leaking important information that an organization considers private.

Thus many organizations have slammed their own outbound firewall rules to control the information flow, which sometimes affects their performance as well, especially whereby there are huge egress outlets).


Mahesh Babu


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Internal Machine address default question


Most internal servers uses assigned IP Address to network the devices attached to it. Mostly uses static IP Address that is designed by network to communicate with the server. IP address may begins with 72.10…or 192.168 but the only difference is the octet at the end.

When a router is connected, the IP Address may use it's default settings which is a pre-assigned IP Address by the router manufacturer. However, router's IP Address can be change and it let you assigned what IP Address you want to prevent conflict with other network attached.

You need to log-in to the internal settings of the networking router connected and this should let you change or manage the IP Address. It uses private IP Address 192.168… because it needs to network SBS servers.

When using an IP Address 192.168…, all devices connected will get this IP Address as well, this allows IP Address to communicate the network and is being used uniquely by the specific computer. This prevent other's computer to connect to the network without permissions, and most specifically the security setting's firewall. It sees internal website to slam 3rd party to engage internal conflict that may cause malfunction of the actual device.

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