Intergrating HTLM and CSS for website programming

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I have an Html based website and I wanted to able to inter grate the CSS interface in the page, how can I achieve this? Is it possible to incorporate the html interface so that it can fully be compatible with CSS and how would this be achieved? I look forward to a positive response

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Intergrating HTLM and CSS for website programming



Yes you can embed css in your HTML Page.

There are threetypes for embedding style to ypur HTML page.

1) Internal

Internal Stylesheet is defined in <head> </head> tag.

2) External

The following short CSS style sheet (stored in the file "special.css"), sets the text color of a paragraph to green and surrounds it with a solid red border:

P.special {

color : green;

border: solid red;



You may link this style sheet to their source HTML document with the LINK element:

    <LINK href="special.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <P class="special">This paragraph should have special green text.

3) Inline

You can define style in html tag only.

<h1 style="color:blue;margin-left:30px;">This is a heading.</h1>

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