Interface ethX on the host is shut downed

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The whole internet interface ethX on the host is shut down whenever I shut down the server guest of mine. Why this happens and how can I prevent this?

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Interface ethX on the host is shut downed


Hello Tracy,

In the event that you did any hardware upgrade or changes on your system, then it could be possible that  old modules have been loaded and  they are interfering with detection. A problem like that can also partly initialize the NIC.

To resolve it, you will need to try and remove the card if possible and after that ethX will detect if there is no card present. After that It will alter the configuration in the following location: /etc/sysconfig/hwconf and get rid of any 3com module that may want to load. If you have your NIC card onboard you should try disabling the BIOS and see if that will help resolve the issue.




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