Interesting facts about ?

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Hi Experts,

Interesting facts about

I have been on this site for nearly a month.

But badly forgot the user name i had before so decided to create a new account and here i cam back.

Can anyone tell me a few interesting facts about this site?

How is it Good. There is a huge talk about this site going on… People in my Office say answers are received in Minutes?

Yes i did get a few answers from this site but wanted you experts to answer?


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Interesting facts about ?


Hello Nabila,

You raised a nice question about this site it’s really an interesting one. My friend actually what I believe is that if you forgot your user name then you would never find it back because there are many individual or experts overall the world using this site and make many users at a time but in this site it is not allowed that you can see your users which you create before.

So dear a solution for you is that you can maintain an EXCEL or a WORD document file where at least you can save those names of your users by which you are used before.

Its helps you to regain all of your material and also it help you in those situations if anything is missing there from your side.


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Interesting facts about ?


Yap, you are right. This is a good site for those people who have a lot of questions about computing. If you are a starting webmaster and you stumble to some errors not known to you and you wished someone could answer why that error occurred and how to fix it.

If you are an IT student and wished to know some facts about computers, this is the site. A lot of amateur programmers post their questions here because they always encounter errors in the program they are coding. Also cell phone users post their problems here mostly blackberry users.

Just post your questions here and we are ready to answer it. We can also provide you with supporting images so you can fully understand what we are explaining. We will try to elaborate as much as possible the explanations that we can share to you. Just be very clear in posting your questions. Explain your questions very well and, if possible, add an image to further understand your problem.

And by the way, if ever you lost your login ID here, there is a link after you click the LOGIN button for the forgotten passwords so you can recover your previous ID. The ID will be sent to your email.

Thank you.

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Interesting facts about ?


Hi Nabila,

The best part about this site is the quick help you get. You ask a question and in minutes you will get your answers.

Yes there are a few times you may not but you get it most of the times.

Check out this grown graph.

Few months back this site was in 4 Lac mark and now nearing one Lac. So this shows how fast this site is growing and how many people come to this site.

I don't remember the link and once read that this site gets min 10,000 hits per day and that seems to be a pretty good number for a 8 months old site.

Check out there Facebook they have 35,000+ likes wow that huge for such short time.

Check out there YouTube videos. They are pretty cool for a newbie to use this site.

I am from US and have close to 8 friends who hang out in this site to ask our questions which we get stuck at college.

Hope this helps.



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