Integrate Eclipse IDE with symphony

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How do I integrate Eclipse IDE and symphony after installing Eclipse IDE and symphony individually? Can I integrate older version of Eclipse IDE and newer version of symphony or both the softwares need to be an updated versions?


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Integrate Eclipse IDE with symphony



Please make sure that you have latest version of Eclipse IDE and Symphony.

  1. Install Eclipse PDT(PHP Development Tool). Download the installation file from here:


  3. Now its time to install new plugins to construct a much uncomplicated Symphony Development Environment for the Symphony developers.

    Go to Help > Install New Software and insert the plugins mentioned below:

    a. Aptana Studio Update Site:

(Use it for FTP Utility Built-in. If not required, do not insert)

             b. Yedit YAML syntac highlighter for configuring .yml file. Add this website

  1. Restart Eclipse. Now we shall insert symfony related features to it. If you have not installed Symfony, download it and install. To download go to Unzip to a known location.

  2. Now Go to Eclipse Open Window > Preferences > PHP > PHP Libraries > New, and Enter Symfony and check mark the “Add to Environment” option. Click Ok.

  3. Now in the libraries list, check mark the new entry and click “Add External Folder” and browse to the Symfony folder and insert it.

  4. You will be able to add new symfony libraries to all the new PHP project in Eclipse by clicking on Add new Libraries > User Library > Symfony and add them.

    Note : You have to include the Symfony Libraries when you start a ner PHP project.

Please revert back if you have any problems.

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