Instruct me on avast easy password and id?

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Hi Experts,

I am having Avast antivirus on my desktop I tried on the Avast market tab>secure your password. But it did not allow me to proceed. Can anyone advice me on Avast easy password and id? What I know it’s easy password encrypts your password for online forms. Thanks.


Sammy noel


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Instruct me on avast easy password and id?



I am also using Avast anti-virus protection, but my version is a free one so I don`t require a passcode to run it.

If you want, the link to the download is here:

There you can find 3 versions of Avast, the free one and two versions that you need to pay for.

If you are using the one that needs paying for, is the link that will lead you to an ID and an easy password.

It`s a kind of a keygen, (key generator) which will help you get your codes for Avast and make it run smooth.

I hope this was helpful, thanks.


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Instruct me on avast easy password and id?



Hello Sammy,

Avast password is basically an add-on tool which comes with Avast antivirus. It is basically used to automatically fill the password to a web page that requires login.

You need to add a plug-in to your browser to use Avast easy password. During the installation process, Avast automatically adds this plug-in to the supported browsers. Try to use it in the default browser on your operating system.

As it might be possible that the browser you are using either does not have or does not support the plug-in.


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