Connection Error on Google Talk Service: Error 1 Unable to Connect

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Google talk has issues.

Could not connect to Google talk service (error 1).

Connection Error

Could not connect to the Google Talk service (error 1)

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I have been getting this for a while and using yahoo messenger but would need this working as i have many of my friends there. Is there a fix for this. is this a known issue.

I was Goggling and landed in this site which has a lot of other issues handled but not this.

Can any of the experts help me please.

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Connection Error on Google Talk Service: Error 1 Unable to Connect


There may be 3 reasons for this

Reason 1: No Internet Connection

It indicates that you have no connection to the Internet. Make sure you are properly connected to the Internet. If your Internet connection is working, there is a issue on your firewall.

Reason 2 : Firewall

It indicates that your firewall is blocking Gtalk. First exist from the Google talk and switch off the windows firewall. But be aware to have good antivirus software running on your machine now. While the firewall is switched off, sign in the Gtalk. If it nicely log on you, it's time to switch on the firewall again. Also you can configure the firewall to allow access to Gtalk Service. For example if you are using windows firewall, open the Windows Firewall Dialog box from the control panel. Now you can add the Gtalk exe file to the Exception tab there by simply clicking Add Program.

Reason 3: Proxy

If you are working in a LAN, you have to configure the Gtalk according to proxy settings. Proxy server needs a proxy username and password.

  • Click Settings on the Gtalk
  • Click Connection on the left side panel.
  • Select Use the following proxy.
  • Tick the box next to Proxy requires authentication
  • Enter the proxy username and password and OK

Sometimes your network administrator might have blocked the Google Talk service on your network. Because some organizations do not like to see their employees or students hanging around chatting with each other. So as a policy they blocked the Gtalk. If you are still continuing with this problem, try contacting your network administrator.

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Connection Error on Google Talk Service: Error 1 Unable to Connect


If the problem is Firewall, then I can give the instructions to add exceptions.

McAfee Personal Firewall

  • Open the McAfee Firewall.
  • Click "Personal Firewall Plus" in the left side
  • Select View the" Internet Application List"
  • Search for "Google Talk" in the "Application Name" column
  • Right click in "Google Talk" and click "Allow Full Access"

If you unable to find Google Talk, add it from "Allow New Application".

Norton Personal Firewall

  • Open Norton Firewall
  • Click "Status & Settings" in the left menu bar
  • Select "Personal Firewall" in middle column
  • Select "Configure" and new window appears
  • Click "Programs" tab
  • Search for "Google Talk" on Manual program Control grid
  • Select "Internet Access" column for Google talk
  • Click Allow All

After carry out the above steps you will be able to connect to Google Talk.

All the other firewall Software's carry out the same procedure as above to add a exception.

So keep looking in the help manual.

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