Installing Microsoft Office 2003 error

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Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble with the installation of Microsoft Office 2003 on my PC. I'm currently using Windows 7, and since I've switched to that I am not able to complete the setup. The process is interrupted by the following message:


“Error 1404. Setup cannot delete the registry keysoftwareclasses.tif. Verify that you have sufficient permissions to access the registry or contact you Information Technology department for assistance." 

Please get back to me with any solution you can think of.


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Installing Microsoft Office 2003 error


Hello. There are two possible solutions for this problem.

  • If it is using software antivirus of McAfee, it can be the reason for the problem of the elimination of the keys of the record.

    • Solution: Antivirus tries to deactivate the protection, or desinstalar the software antivirus, the computer and it try again to install Office 2003. If the problem happens to try again the second solution.
  • Manually, to eliminate the key of the record. To do this one step by step and its 99 % guarantee that the problem will be corrected.
  1. Closing all the programs on Windows.
  2. Click in Beginning and, next, click in executing.
  3. In the picture to Open, write Regedt32.exe and, next, click in Accepting.
  4. Select the LOCAL HKEY MACHINE in the window of the Local machine.
  5. Look and select the following key:

    • SoftwareMicrosoftOffice
  6. Continue (Follow) the steps for its version of Windows.

    • For Microsoft Windows XP:
    • In the menu edition, touch permissive.
    • Click on the key of the record for the user who has initiated a meeting (session) in and to make sure that I combine both in allowing permissions of reading and entire Control.
    • Click on the button advanced post, insure of there have selected the user who is connected at present, who appears in the column permissions entire Control, and who this key and its subkeys appears in applying to the column.
    • Click in for selecting the permissions earnings of replacing in all the secondary objects with those earnings included here that apply to the crosscheck pigeonhole child objects and skylight to themselves inheriting from the main object the earnings of permissions that are applied to the secondary objects. To include them together with the definite earnings explicitly here.
    • Click in applying and, next, click in himself when one asks him to continue.
    • Click in Accepting and, next, click in Accepting.
    • In the menu I Register, click in going out.
    • (If the step not. 4)
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Installing Microsoft Office 2003 error



The error talks about your access permissions on the computer's registry which may mean that you don't have administrative access on that particular computer.

If this is the case, have your information technology department personnel do the installation for you since they must have administrative access to your computer or at least know the administrator password. You can also ask them to grant you administrative access on the computer to finish the installation.

After that's done, there shouldn't be any problems with installing that software or any other future software for that matter.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair June

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