Installed the recommended driver for the VGA

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Hello, I’m using laptop ASUS A42JC with VGA NVIDIA optimist that can be switched to on board if the add on VGA is not needed. I have dual boot operating system with Windows 7 and unbent 10.10 Maverick installed in the laptop. I have no problem with the VGA with Windows 7 but the real problem lies in unbent. I have installed all the needed drivers but the only driver not installed yet is the VGA driver. I have received recommendation from unbent. So I did install them, and as usual after installation completed I restarted the laptop. After restarted, I cannot use unbent GUI only can access terminal. I'm confused I thought I installed the recommended driver for the VGA but why did it fail?

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Installed the recommended driver for the VGA



To fix this error you should install linux_headers_generic.aftre that revert the nouveau.

Now open terminal(ctrl+alt+T) and type the following.

  nvidia-current (proprietary,tested):

sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current.

nvidia-current-updates (proprietary):

                                sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current-updates.

nvidia-experimental-304 (proprietary):

                                udo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-experimental-304.

Now reboot the pc and all will be working again.

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Installed the recommended driver for the VGA

Use this code in the terminal 
audo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
If still you are unable to log into the GUI you need to remove the VGA driver. For that run this code in the terminal: 
audo apt-get purge nvidia* 
audo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
And if possible, replace the nvidia card with an AMD card 
Laz Zebbena

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