Inconvenience encountered when closing Microsoft word

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I was doing from desk, I have to used the Microsoft word for data's need to have correct spelling and some touches. While done, I save those file and close the Microsoft word program. Upon closing it an error message appears stating;

Microsoft Office has encountered a problem and cannot exit. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

To forces word to exit, End now. Any changes you made might be closed if you forced the program to exit..

To continue waiting for the program to respond, click cancel.

I just used Microsoft Word last 5 hours ago and it's working normally, since now then. What are some ways that should I do to fix this one?

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Inconvenience encountered when closing Microsoft word


Try first to delete your Microsoft Word program from your computer and back it again. If problem still exist, that maybe caused by incompatibility of any third party add-in.

Just try to test this one for you to know the problem; go to start, then run or press WindowsLogoKey+R and type winword/a. Then press Enter. Microsoft word will start in a default mode, ignoring all changes.

Now, close the program and observe if problem still exist. If it closes normally, then surely the problem is the third party add-in. Fix this one through removing the broken add-in.

Go to Windows Explorer, browse your Microsoft office folder. Find the folder named STARTUP. Open the folder and the template inside it and move to another folder.

Put again the template back to the folder where they belong. Upon moving back each template open Microsoft word and observe if its closes properly. If one of the templates has error exist, then that one causes the problem. You should delete it. Hope this could help you.

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Inconvenience encountered when closing Microsoft word


Hi Nelle, Here below are some solutions. Try each one and follow the steps until your problem is solved.

  1. Detect and Repair

    • You can use Detect and Repair feature to repair MS Word program. Go to Help and choose the option of ‘Detect and Repair’. Most errors could usually be repaired.
  2. Delete the data registry key

    • The second option is to erase data registry key of MS Word.
    • Since a lot of used options were stored in data registry key, your problems might be solved by deleting the data registry key.  When MS Word was started again the data registry key would be rebuilt by some default settings automatically.
    • If you use MS Word 2002/ 2003, simply click Tools menu and then Options.
    • If you use MS Word 2007, click Word options under Microsoft Office Button.  Please follow these steps carefully when you edit the Registry because further damage could be caused in the program.

      • Exit MS Office software.
      • Choose Start and Run, enter ‘regedit’, then press Enter or OK.
      • Search following registry key in accordance with your Word version.
      • MS Word 2010,
      • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftwareMicrosoft/Office14.0WordData
      • MS Word 2003,
      • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftwareMicrosoft/Office11.0WordData
      • MS Word 2002,
      • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftwareMicrosoft/Office10.0WordData
      • MS Word 2007,
      • HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SoftwareMicrosoft/Office12.0WordData
      • Choose Data then on File menu click Export.
      • File name Wddata.reg is set and save this file.
      • Choose menu of Edit and then Delete and then Yes.
      • Close or exit Registry Editor.
      • Close MS Word and then Restart.
    • If the error is caused by the damage of data registry key, the above steps will help to solve the situation.  And MS Word shall be restarted and worked properly.
    • Finally, your favorite options settings have to be restored by changing a few settings.
  3. This is the last resort. Re-install MS Word program.

Hope these methods could help.  Have a nice day.

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