Improper shutdown on windows causes problem

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Hi IT,

Please help me solve this warning message when I accidentally pressed the power button of my PC. 
1. Improper shutdown
2. You pressed the power button.
3. This probably won’t hurt anything.
4. Then again, you’re running Windows, so who knows?
5. Will this damage my PC? It was a funny message though. 
6. Anyway, how am I assured that nothing happened bad to my PC. 
For your assistance please.
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Improper shutdown on windows causes problem


Hi Jason, 

The best bay could be procedural shutting down on the computer so that your operating system could not malfunctions and could not affect the operation on your system. The application could affected due to un-procedural termination of the process. 
Kindly follow this procedure on how to properly shutdown your computer without harming your Operating System
Got to "Start" on your computer.
Expand the windows if you see "shut down" just close it and start.
Click "shut down" option
When you do this process it guarantee it will shutdown gracefully
Next time you shutdown properly your pc or it can damage your operating system.
Run the Windows "safe mode" if needed
Flair Bala
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Improper shutdown on windows causes problem


That is an error message just to warn you against the dangers that you can face when you shut down the computer using the wrong procedure. As indicated, some of the risks you may face include:

  • Damaging the system files of the operating systems or the applications.
  • Losing data on your computer.
  • Damaging data and even the hard drive.

The above are just but a few. When shutting down the computer, you should always use the right procedure to stay safe from those risks, and the following is how you do it using the right procedure:

  • First make sure that all applications that are running are closed.
  • And then click start on your computer and then choose shut down.

As simple as that.

-Mathew Stone


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