I’m having problem with Safari tabs

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Do you find Safari tabs annoying? I thought these tabs look great and cool, but when the finger goes up to the non-existing control, then there’s my problem. Please give me your two cents about this. Thanks.

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I’m having problem with Safari tabs


Hello Bernedict,

I have used safari browser before but I just did not encounter such problems as the one that you are having right now. The tabs were working just fine, the speeds were amazing and it was just generally working fine.

It seems that the problem in  this case is with the browser that you are using, maybe it is corrupt, the settings in the programs files may be missing or may be a bug may have developed in its code.

So I will suggest that if the problem persists, you uninstall the browser and install it again.


Mahesh Babu

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I’m having problem with Safari tabs


Hi Bemedict,

Safari 6 is seriously pain in Apple.

If you open pages more than 3 to 4 it starts using more memory and makes the whole system really slow. This is faced by number of peoples.

You shall shift to Google Chrome or FireFox which shows quite good speed.

I think what you can do is to –

1. Remove your cookies from the system,

2. Uninstall your Safari 6,

3. Install Google Chrome/FireFox on your system.

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