Iexplorer File Bad Image Error

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Hi fellows,

I need some help here as I want to install IE explorer on my laptop for some specific purpose.

I have Windows Vista installed on my laptop, and I need to install IE explorer on the laptop. So, I downloaded the IE explorer .exe file and started installing it while during installation I received the error.

Just given below in the image.

C:WindowsAppPatchiebrshim.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

It notifies that my windows one DLL file is not written correctly or is corrupt or there is some problem with it. That’s what stopping the explorer to get installed. 

So, please if anyone knows how to fix this . DLL file in Windows Vista then please let me know via the reply.

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Iexplorer File Bad Image Error


Since it is just your first attempt to install IE on your computer, getting iexplore.exe Bad Image error will look like it is connected to a Malware or a virus infection.

You can try running an Anti malware program to double check. It could also be an Adobe Flash Player related error and not with your OS or the IE itself. Try uninstalling the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX.

Here’s how Read this

Then run a Disk Cleanup to clear out old files. Reinstall your Adobe Flash Player that suites you’re OS. 

You can also try this.  Since the error mentioned about your system’s iebrshim.dll file, you need to download and install the update KB950759 from Microsoft’s download center

Check out if it helps.

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Iexplorer File Bad Image Error



The error you encountered is cause by incomplete windows update of your OS which results to iebrshim.dll file to be in 0 bytes with no file version and is not accessible. Also,this is caused by corrupt and not functional adobe flash player plugins in your IE.

First is to uninstall the Hot fix KB950759 in your control panel and restart your computer when told so.

Second, uninstall the flash player plugins download its simple uninstaller from Adobe.

Third run a registry cleaner you can use ccleaner which is free.

Fourth Fetch your windows for new updates using the windows update button or download it manually from windows website.  Then please install adobe flash player plugins suited for your OS.

View URL link below.

Adobe flash player uninstaller


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Iexplorer File Bad Image Error


Hello Jemison,

The Bad image error occurs due an infection of your system by a virus. The malware or sometimes spyware blocks programs that you try to execute, uninstall and prevents them from successfully running.

You will need to download the two programs as indicated below, and make sure that you boot your computer in safe mode with networking and also perform a full system scan of the computer using a strong antivirus.

Download malwarebyts here:

It is a program that will remove all scan your system and remove all malware from it.

Download spybot here

Spybot will search and destroy all spyware that may be on your computer. Scan the system with it after you have downloaded and installed it.

Make sure that you update both malwarebytes and spybot regularly and scan the system using them remove any threats.

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