IE9 RC installer refuses to install

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I work in computer many hours per day and recently I tried to install IE9 RC in my computer but internet got disconnected. I tried to install it again but installer refuses and give me error message does not contain any help. So please anyone tell me what is the problem and how to fix.  

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IE9 RC installer refuses to install


Hi Phanes,

There are possible causes for these types of issues. It could be a browser or connection problems.

Here is what we need to do first.

1. Check for internet connection.  Use a different browser like Mozilla or Google Chrome. This is to determine if the problem is with the your connection or browser.

2. If you are getting internet connection from Mozilla or Google Chrome. Then this is definitely a browser issue.

3. Check proxy settings for you Internet Explorer 9.

Click the gear icon found on the top right>>click Connections>>Never dial a connection should be selected>>Click LAN settings>>All should be unchecked except for Automatically detect settings.>>Click OK>>Click Apply. Close and then Reopen your Internet Explorer 9.

4. Clear Cache and Cookies.

Click the gear icon>>Click Delete button>>put a check mark on each boxes>>click Delete.

5. Close and reopen your internet explorer. Check if you are already getting internet connection.


If this does not solve your issue, tell me the exact error message when you browse the internet using your Internet Explorer (like: Page Cannot Be Displayed, Work Offline, or any error code).

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IE9 RC installer refuses to install

Hi, Phanes
When I browse through the internet, I found someone post about the major differences in internet explorer 9 RC. If you want to find any differences between internet explorer 8 and 9, you can browse through the internet and read reviews for both of them.
Microsoft also published official posting about all of the brand new features included in RC, the documents both can be downloaded in PDF or XPS formats.  Talking about user interface and the features available, I’d say no.
The things you found in RC, is the things you will get when final launch. Microsoft hasn’t told when it will launch it, but everyone talking about it and predict it will be available in April MIX conference.
If you use XP, you won’t be able to install internet explorer 9. To Download the program, you can proceed from this link, the link provide version of 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) for windows. Remember to choose carefuly, you need to choose installers as your windows version. If you launch internet explorer, it will install default choice.
Here is the take; if you use a 64 bit system, then you can install using the 64 bit installer. The installer has also installed 32-bit internet explorer while it installs the 64 bit version.  You can choose to install IE 9 that has fully functional supported features.
But if you currently run builds that is not a complete or beta version, then I suggest you to uninstall it first and do the full installation.
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IE9 RC installer refuses to install



If you want to install a new copy of internet explorer 9, I would suggest you to perform the installation
For those programs before doing any installation.
To perform internet explorer 9 uninstallation, you can follow the method below.
When you want to uninstall the program, you won't be able to find it in the list of installed programs.


Windows treat internet explorer 9 not as a program, but it is treated as an update to windows.
How can we uninstall it then?
You can go to the control panel, and then click on programs and features, later click on the view installed updates.
(Other method, you can access it by typing ""installed updated"" in the search box after pressing start menu.
After you choose it, scroll to the Microsoft Windows section, all you need to do is choose Windows internet explorer 9 release candidate link,
And do the uninstall.
Now after you finish doing the last step, you can finally install a new copy of internet explorer 9.
Best regards

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