Failed type check line 1193 pos 14

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Hi there,

This is the error when I want to test my Interne speed and I don’t know what is wrong. I ran the test many time and the result was the same. Can anyone tell me is there a problem with my Internet connections or the program have some errors ?

Thanks !

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Caught ‘bootstrap_impl’: Failed type check: line 1193 pos 14: type ‘LinkedHashMapImplementation’ is not assignable to type ‘HipsterModel’ of ‘value’. Took 13 ms

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Failed type check line 1193 pos 14


DART is not an Internet speed test. It is a programming language developed by Google as a evolution of Javascript and with the ambitious intention to have DART eventually replace Javascript as the main programming language for web based apps. This error screen is a test of DART script which shows that the enforcement of types is not as strict as it could be.

To test your internet speed, click here and click "Start speed test".

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