IE is very slow when loads for the first time

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When IE loads for the first time it is very slower. Why is this?

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IE is very slow when loads for the first time


Dear Shara Reese, for the full and guarantee solution for this problem you will have to give more information about the problem,

1.      You System Descriptions?

2.      What kinds of Windows you are using?

3.      Which IE is you are using which is cussing problems?

4.      IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 etc

5.      How many start up programs you have in your start up menu?

6.      And how many programs are running behind when you are using IE

You just do the followings:

1.      Extend you ram around 2 GB if you are using Windows XP and using Internet Explorer 8.

2.      Statesman than likely the Internet Options command human the stage to liquid the fund on opening, if this is the slip then IE would trouble andante the typical abstraction.

3.      Clear cache memory and restart your browser, and hope you will get your desired result.

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IE is very slow when loads for the first time


I will give you possible solutions for your problem

1. Please update your antivirus and have a full system scan ( You must have a Good and trusted antivirus I recommend using Kaspersky and Norton)

2. Have a registry cleaner and fixer ( I will give you a link on the program that I am using Please download and install the program and Run it. Click on the registry and scan for issues and it will fix it.

3. Try reinstalling the Internet Explorer 7 (why not use Google chrome? or other browsers they are far more better that Internet explorer 7 but if you don't want to change I recommend you downloading the latest Internet explorer version)

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