Identification error from host in SSH host key change

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On my desktop this message appeared without any reason. My laptop was free, all the processes closed and still. When I clicked Cancel nothing happened and it appears again. If I click OK this message disappears but it appears again when I turn on my laptop. Can anyone help me please to fix this one ? What identification it says about ?

Thank you experts !

SSH Host Key Change

The host identification has changed for:

The fingerprint of the host public hey is:


This might indicate a security breach. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

Would you like to connect anyway.

Cancel OK

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Identification error from host in SSH host key change


It happens because the public key of the remote machine has changed since your last login or if you reinstall the OS on your server.
1. Try to delete the known_hosts file:
rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts
2. Or to disable SSH key checking :
Go to the ~/.ssh/config (if doesn't exist, create it)
Host *
StrictHostKeyChecking no
This will turn it off for all hosts you connect to.
You can write hostname pattern instead of * if you want to apply to only some hosts.

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