An Ideal Companion Theater System for 3-Dimensional TV

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I would like to purchase new entertainment set. I would like to know more about Sony BDV-E3100. What are its best feature? Can you tell me what is 5.1-channel? What is NFC Technology? What do you mean by DTS-HD? What do you mean by DLNA? Does it supports USB and Wi-Fi? How many ports available? Does it support optical devices? What is the wattage delivery for the speakers? How many speakers included? How much will it cost?

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An Ideal Companion Theater System for 3-Dimensional TV


Hello Mellisa!

DTS-HD (Digital Theater System) is a combination of lossy and lossless audio format for surround sound and blu-ray discs. Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is non-profit organization launched by Intel and Sony last 2003. This group sets the standard in making any devices work together or also known as interoperability.

5.1 Channel is commonly known for the support of 6 channel sound system. It uses 5 full speakers and one low frequency speaker as the sub-woofer.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in this model is embedded also. It allows you to communicate with your smart phones by rubbing them to one another or tapping them. Any NFC-enabled smartphone will work with this theater system.

Here are the available ports for the theater system.

1. USB Input

2. Optical Audio Input

3. Analog Audio Input

4. Ethernet port

5. HDMI Output

This model supports USB connection. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi. It can provide internet through Ethernet connection. Speakers included in the packaging are center speaker, front speaker, sub-woofer and surround speaker. The speakers gives 1000 watts output.

The cost of Sony BDV-E3100 is $299.

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