Combine 2 installer disks into one DVD

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This is not much urgent and not that big deal, but I would like to know your ideas and if you can help.

I have an installer which is on 2 CDs. Now, what I would like to know is, if this is possible to merge this into one DVD?

I think I have 3 sets of installers which has 2 CDs and t will be very handy to have it in one.


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Combine 2 installer disks into one DVD

  • I know how convenient it is to have one DVD on hand instead of 2 CDs. The easiest way to do this is by using nlite. Please create a directory C:xpmce
  • Please copy the content of the first CD to  xpmce folder and try to copy the contents found in CD2 into xpmce folder. Please install nlite and .net 2.0 frameworks. Please make sure to run the applications. Please have a couple of things removed such as MSN Explorer to successfully run the application. Please burn the CD using imgburn
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Combine 2 installer disks into one DVD


Hi good day I read your problem and you have an installer which two CD you have a plan to merge into DVD?

The following steps to do:

  1. Just click my computer open drive C: or D:  make folder name.
  2. Put the CD installer into DVD room, and copy the entire program of the CD installer.
  3. Paste it into the folder name. In the folder name, make another folder name.




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