I want to restore files from my old phone

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I used to have an iPhone 3G but I lost it. My wife has an iPhone 3GS and she just got an iPhone 4S today so she gave me her old iPhone 3GS. About a month ago, I have a back up of my lost iPhone 3G. Since it was running in iOS 4 at the time of the back up, I cannot restore my 3G back up for the new iPhone 3GS which is currently running in iOS 5. I tried to restore my back up by downgrading my new iPhone 3GS to iOS 4 then upgrading to iOS 5 but this doesn’t work.   My information under my old iPhone 3G has been backed up on iTunes. How can I restore my old information in my 3G to my new iPhone 3GS?   I want to restore all my contacts from my lost iPhone to my new iPhone 3GS.  I just want to get all my old contacts and messages from my iPhone 3G. If you couldn’t help me do that then I wouldn’t care about restoring since I can manually input everything else I need to my new iPhone 3GS. Do you have any suggestions on how can I do that?

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I want to restore files from my old phone


Hi Alvin,

Don't worry about the problem. i also had this kind of problem. Follow then: as your 3G iPhone will not subscribe your back up services. So you have to try through computer access. This will help you to get file.

At first your computer iTunes supported file will be deleted then install the PC suit configuration. Which is available to you? Then restart your computer. Though iPhone 4 would not fail to back up file, it is better to carry on this configured phone to your computer. You may ask for the computer operator to phone supported name like: iPhone 4 or 3. You fill the answer by legal answering. And do the sync as back up services.


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