I want to increase the speed of my laptop

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Hi guys,

For some days, my laptop seems have become a bit slower. I heard that if I clean up my ram then the speed will increase . Can you tell any way to clean the ram to speed up my laptop?


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I want to increase the speed of my laptop


Hi Mr. Maxi.

You can increase the speed of your laptop by cleaning ram regularly. Follow the steps given below:

1) Open 'my computer'. Go to 'tools' and click on 'folder options'.

2) Click on 'view' and unable the option 'hide extension for known file type'.

3) Now click on your start menu. Open all programs and then open notepad.

4) Write down mystring=(80000000)  on the notepad and save this file as 'RAM.vbe'. Place this file on your desktop click on this.

This file will clear your RAM and speed up your computer.

Thank you for your question.

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I want to increase the speed of my laptop


Hi Ron.maxi,

I think your Laptop become slower because of unwanted files like prefetch data,recent files,Internet explorer files extra and also if your laptop contains unnecessary software which you are not using.There are several solutions to make your laptop fast again.

Solution 1: Remove the unnecessary files by manual using Run window

Click on Windows button + R and type prefetch and delete the files.

Similarly Windows button + R  type %temp%  and delete files. Continue this process for recent and temp also.

If it is difficult to you to then go to solution 2.

Solution 2: Download CCleaner software which is free it automatically cleans all the unwanted files and also fixes the registry entries.

Solution 3:Install good licensed antivirus software, my suggestion is to get Kaspersky. If you want free then go to AVG  or Avast antivirus.

Thank you

Clotildec Barbara

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