I want to add digital signature in our Invoice

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Hello There Everyone. I want to add a digital signature in our printed out invoice and on our other office forms.  I am not very familiar in AFP setting and on how to add signature on it.  Is there anybody using AFP here can teach me how to use InfoPrint and printout?

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I want to add digital signature in our Invoice



IBM InfoPrint digital printer facilitates us with various and useful Advanced Function Printing Resources (AFP) resources. From which “page-segment” for the spooled files are there to help you with your requirements. This is easy to use and extremely user friendly. You can create your desired pre defined invoice layout, inclusive of the digital signature. Just follow these simple steps.

1.       First you need to create a digital signature. you can do that by scanning high resolution signature. You can edit it (e.g. resizing) using any graphic tool like inkscape.

2.       Export the file at the tpi of the desired quality.

3.       Now define page alignment and layout placing of the signature  by opening the page into “Paint-Brush”

4.       Reconfigure the printer for the pre defined output form. Right click the respective driver file, from the “Printers” folder. Go to “properties”, then click “Printing Preferences” button. Click on <<Document Options<<output type: select -“page-segment”.

5.       Then set clip limit. Set the dimensions with actual image limit.

6.       Then save the file with .afp extension

7.       Now when you can view this in your AF view program, you can see exactly how it is going to look like.

Hope this will help you.

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