My computer cannot open Blog Windows website.

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I have been using Blog Windows to get updates on new products and services. I woke up to the surprise that this website does not open at all on my personal computer. I thought it was a temporary hitch or maybe some sort of maintenance session but it is simply not loading. The rest of the websites are just fine. What could the problem be? Oh, I am able to open the site on my phone.

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My computer cannot open Blog Windows website.


These solutions will suits you just pick either of the 2 solutions below :

1. Suspend/Disable the Anti-Virus and Firewall – If you are running an anti-virus program , exit web browser and re-open it.

2. Clear DNS Cache – The DNS cache is a record of sites that you have recently visited on your browser. If that gets corrupted, it may cause a problem in opening sites that were previously accessible without problems.

Type cmd /k ipconfig /displaydns in the Run window . If that  unreachable website you want to open in the browser  is listed in the cache, type cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns to clear the cache

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