I need tips on how to use Q-Dir

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Hi.  I need your opinions on Q-Dir. 

Is it an efficient file management software? 

Where can I download this software and would it be compatible with Windows 7? 

Can I work on a folder simultaneously to speed up my work? 

How does this work? 

Does it open multiple windows on a single screen?

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I need tips on how to use Q-Dir


Hi Donnaa, Q-dirs file management system is based on MS explorer, so its icons are similar to explorers and has a lot of its functions.

But in spite of this it has a lot of its own features.

Although, with it you can handle four files and folders at the same time because of its Quadro-View feature which has divided its window in four windows.

Here is a picture of the program:

This program has a lot of good reviews, praising its functionality but not its design because it is not really a good looking program.

But it is a program that does a better job of handling your files then Microsoft's explorer.

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I need tips on how to use Q-Dir


Q-Dir is really intended as replacement for the traditional Windows Explorer since it has been around since Windows started. The best thing about it since it’s a third-party application is that it’s completely free. It’s a freeware that will surely help you easily navigate within Windows.

This tool offers a lot more than with the default Windows Explorer. Q-Dir offers tabbed browsing similar to web browsers where you can browse different websites all at the same time. This means you can visit or navigate to different locations of your computer at the same time without the need of opening another instance of the program.

And you don’t have to worry about your computer’s performance because it runs smoothly without pressuring either the RAM or the processor so you can also use it on older computers with slower CPUs. It is an easy tool to work on multiple files and it also supports dragging and dropping from one window to another to copy files. It supports all Microsoft Windows so it will surely work on your version.

To download Q Dir.

Also watch “How to use Q-Dir to work in many windows – TechyV.com” to know first hand information.


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