I need to know more information about that

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Hi experts,

My company has bought a new server application called Blade server. Do you have tutorials or articles that I can read on to teach me on how to transfer the information from fileserver AD and Exchange database to my new database? And is it possible that I can still use the database while installing the new server application and does it matter if I am going to install the fileserver AD and Exchange database into different modules in Blade server? Please help me with that

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I need to know more information about that


Hello Hirokim,

To transfer your files and information from fileserver Active Directory and Exchange database to my new database which is on the blade server, then you will first of all need to join the two servers which are the exchange server and the blade server to the domain.

After you have joined the servers, you will then be required to add the domain name service and the roles for the dynamic host control protocol. When done that, you will then install exchange but on a different blade and thereafter move the mailboxes, and other files to the new server.

When done you uninstall the exchange server, and then confirm that SQL is still working properly.

Hope this helps.

Lee Hung


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