I need an idea for a conclusion for the online hotel website.

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Good day to all,

I don't have the best design for the website. I need some suggestion and conclusion for the online hotel website. I am using MySQL database server and Php programming language. I’ve been planning to develop an online hotel website for an online reservation so that people will make it easier to have their reservations online. I was just thinking that my scope and limitation for the documentation is lacking. Can I ask some suggestion on what more can I add for the updates of the website?

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I need an idea for a conclusion for the online hotel website.



An online hotel reservation should have the following components:

1) It should enable the customer to view the menu with the dishes and their prices clearly indicated.

2) It should indicate the sitting arrangement i.e. The available tables and the number of seats around each table to enable the customers choose the table that suits them. Also, it should allow the customers to make special arrangements incase they have more people.

3) It should also allow the customer to indicate whether they want their meals as takeaway or to e served in the hotel.

4) It should also enable the customer to order specific food which might not be on the menu.

5) To enhance customer loyalty, it should encourage registration to enable the management keep in contact with the customers and should also give discounts to loyal customers.

6) It should give an option of paying online or paying cash.

7) The system should also send messages or emails to customers encouraging them to come back.

Hope this will assist you.


Owens Liriano

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