I need help in SQL 2000 torn page repair

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Hi guys,

I recently ran DBCC CHECKDB and got an I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0x000018ee23e000. Do I need to use Emergency Mode Repair? I need help in SQL 2000 torn page repair.

Thanks in advance.

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I need help in SQL 2000 torn page repair


Hello Gillam,

Torn pages occur when there is a power failure or when a disk was not written correctly (hardware failure).

It is possible to use the Emergency Mode repair to resolve your errors, but it is however very vital for you to realize that if you use it you can only use Repair – Allow – Data – Loss which means that if you do it you are bound to lose all the corrupt data or most of our data.

However you can use either of the following:

  • Repair_Fast.
  • Repair_rebuild.

This two repair can be done without any loss of data from your work.

Steps to follow to fix your torn Pages:

  1. Check your error logs.
  2. Restore your last backups and transaction logs.
  3. Check your disks for any error hardware failure.
  4. If they are fixing them.

Otherwise if all these do not work you can use Emergency Mode Repair as your last resort.

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