I need a help on open office calc

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In an open office calc (spread sheet,) due to what reason does ##### appear in a cell?

I want to display number 205887413954210 in a cell,but it displays #####,please can anyone explain a method to display the actual number in the cell

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I need a help on open office calc


Hello Marlin,

As you can see, the numbers you have inserted only show or contain number signs (#). There is only one reason why you are seeing this (this is applicable for numbers with decimal point). I’ll give you a short overview; if the number you’ve entered has spare numbers on the right of a decimal point in the setup, the digit automatically rounds off to as many decimal places as to how many you have setup. If there are further digits on the left of the decimal point than the setup, the extra digits will be displayed. But if it only show and contain number signs (#), no matter how ample numbers you’ve entered on it, numbers entered less than 1 which is beginning with a decimal point will never show numerically. For example: “.123456” will be presented as “######” but if you try “0.123456” it will show you the numbers you’ve entered. This problem can be solved by changing your settings. I hope this information is of good help.

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I need a help on open office calc


Hi Marlin Zee

The ## that you have high lighted cell A1 can bee caused by a number of reasons

a)The number in the cell are too many for the cell to display

b) The formula in that cell produces an answer which is too wide for the cell to display.

c) The cell contain a negative number for a cell formatted

Example A negative value for a cell formatted to be a date cell. The date in Ms Excel should be positive value.

Follow the following steps to be able to display this number 

Type the number in the cell.

Right click and go to format cell 

At the format the number option choose number and then go to number option and the numbers will be displayed 


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