I Need To Clean My Computer For Better Performance.

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Computer is used to store our important documents. But when we reserve a lot of files and folders, computer becomes slow and unresponsive. What to do if i need to clean my computer?

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I Need To Clean My Computer For Better Performance.



1) The essential documents should be stored in a folder and not on the desktop.

So make a new folder by right-clicking on the screen -> new -> folder.

2) Delete the shortcuts that are used rarely, from the desktop. For organization, right click on the screen -> view -> auto arrange icons that force the shortcuts to be placed at left.

3) Rename the files according to the content present in it.

4) Right click on any folder and select change your view and then details.

Now you can arrange the folders according to date and size.

To find files easier go to file -> properties -> fill the keyword field and press OK.

5) To find a file in hurry, open start menu and write the file name in the search box.

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