I need a balance sheet projection tool

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Hi guys.  I would like to make a balance sheet for my small business.  I want to monitor my assets and liabilities.  Can someone here suggest a balance sheet projection tool that is compatible with my Windows XP 64 bit system?  Thanks.

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I need a balance sheet projection tool


Hi Nicki Hill,

I am very glad to see your question, you can easily make a balance sheet by MS Excel, SPSS another statistical package software may help you a lot.

Download MS Excel 2013: Excel 2013 – Download

IBM trial download : SPSS Statistics Desktop 21.0.0

Thanks for asking

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I need a balance sheet projection tool


Hi Nicki,

A projected balance sheet can be easily prepared using excel or spreadsheet. No other accounting software or tool required in this regard. But certain things you need to remember while preparing a balance sheet projection sheet.The projected balance sheet is nothing but the estimation of total assets and liabilities of the business,but its not the actual.

The things you need to focus while preparing a projected balance sheet are

1 To calculate total cash available in hand and in bank

2 To calculate fixed assets

3 To calculate value of financial assets or instruments

4 To calculate your total earnings from your business and also business's liabilities

5 To calculate business capital.

You can visit the following site for further reference http://www.svtuition.org/2011/09/how-to-prepare-projected-balance-sheet.html

Thanking You,

Margaret M Griggs

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I need a balance sheet projection tool


Following excel sheet can be useful for your requirements.

Here you can make entry for you Assets and Liabilities as

Current Assets

Fixed Assets

Current liabilities

Long term debts

The excel sheet will maintain the details and summary with specific dates.      

To download the excel sheet, visit the website click here, once inside the website click on the download button and excel sheet will appear.

Download it and start using.


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