I need advice from technical support professional

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Hi techyv,

I am a technical support professional and I need advice from my fellows.

What is your advice if a customer want high performance, high usability and high security?

Thanks experts.

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I need advice from technical support professional



This is what I think about your dilemma.

If you have that kind of a customer who wants all you stated, than you should provide the customer what he/she wants, high performance, high usability, high security.

Why I think this;

First, when you have this kind of customer he/she already knows what they want,(done some research or purchased opinions from experts) they know that  quality of any kind costs, which brings me to my second  stand, they are ready to pay for the high performances, usability and security.

What is also important, you should not offer the most expense configuration because

of what I said up, they researched or purchased opinions from experts .

Best is to propose several combinations which satisfy there needs and let them choose.

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I need advice from technical support professional


If a customer wants a high performance computer, you can suggest upgrading the CPU with an Intel Core i series processor like Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and others. Of course, when the processor is upgraded, the motherboard should also be upgraded so it will be compatible with the processor’s supported CPU socket. If the CPU socket on the motherboard supports the processor, you don’t need to replace the board.

Aside from the processor upgrading the RAM can also speed-up the performance of the computer. If the computer will be running on 32-bit Microsoft Windows, it is advisable to only have 2 GB RAM so the entire memory will be utilized efficiently. If the machine will be running on 64-bit Microsoft Windows, installing 4 GB RAM or higher is recommended.

If the customer loves playing games, installing a graphics adapter with at least 256 MB, 512 MB, or higher video RAM will add boost in the game’s performance. This is essential when playing games that are heavy on the graphics. If the customer is using an IDE hard drive, using a SATA drive can speed-up data access.

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