I’m having some problem with my CMOS battery

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Hi, I’m using my PC for several years. For the last few days I’m getting some clock changes and other hints. I think that the CMOS battery is causing this problem and therefore I need to replace it. But I’m anxious about some key points like boot order and bios set. How do I set them up after changing the battery? I’ve searched for this info but couldn’t find one. Please suggest me something. Thank you.

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I’m having some problem with my CMOS battery



Hello there Bukpocket,
It is likely that the CMOS Battery is running down. When changing the battery and you'd like to retain the current or your desired boot order and other BIOS settings just display the current BIOS settings by restarting/turning on your computer and pressing DEL or F8 key before windows starts. Then get a paper and copy the current values and settings. But most computers today give a minute or more charge to the CMOS (it has a small internal capacitance to store charges) so you will not lose the settings if you are changing the battery quickly. If the Boot order and BIOS settings will be changed after replacing, just display again the BIOS settings and set the values from your copy. Be sure to read the keys needed to be pressed to set the values and save the new settings by pressing the correct key.
Hope this answers your question. Don't Hesitate to ask for any clarifications.
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I’m having some problem with my CMOS battery



Hello Buckpocket,

This is the CMOS  battery image for most computers.

cmos picture

Well every computer has it and the way to change CMOS battery depends by type of computer.There is a different method for desktops and laptops.But the general way is:

1.       Open the computer case and locate the battery on a motherbord.Get the information of the battery so that you will know which type to replace with.

2.       Once you have located the battery, remove it slowly from the place inserted.

3.       Insert the new battery properly.( Be careful  here because  if not well inserted it can explode)

4.       Close the lid once done and power on the computer, then reset the CMOS settings to defaults by entering the CMOS setup through pressing specific functional key when computer boots.

5.       Save and exit.

You are done.

The following is a picture flow of the events incase of a desktop:




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I’m having some problem with my CMOS battery


Hi Bukpocket

According to your question there is another Techyv post which is also addressed your problem . Pay a visit that page and get more helpful tips.

How can I reset my CMOS battery?

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