Computer restarts randomly, please help

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For the past four days my computer has been restarting randomly. After 10, 5, 30, minutes or even after some hours. Strangely enough i don’t get any error messages or notification when this happens.

After every shut down, a message "How do you want to start Windows" when the computer restarts itself.

Basically, i use the computer to surf the net using Firefox, play a game “Hitman Blood Money” and to play audio and video files.

I had a feeling the problem was the video card, i checked it out, and it was hot, it was kind of getting heated up. I bought a new video card and had it fixed. This time round my PC would blink for a second and then shut off.

I tried to switch the power supply plug from the 8 pin slot in my graphics card ati Radeon hd 4850 x2, to the 6 pin slot. The motherboard could power up but does not carry out POST.

I think the motherboard may not be the problem. I confirmed this by swapping the power supply plug. A long beep followed by two short beeps is produced, indicating that the motherboard is ok.

Am i wrong about this?

I really don’t know what the problem might be.

Please help me fix this.

My specs

MSI x58 platinum
Mushkin DDR3 ram (6 gigs)
ATI Radeon HD 4850 x2
Intel core i7 920
Corsair 750W power supply

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Computer restarts randomly, please help


Hello Evans Hopkins,

This is most common problem of the computer. If you are always playing "Hitman Blood Money" please make sure to clean your cookies and Internet browser after playing. It is just occupying some of your memory.

And always check your CPU if there's a lot of dust or dirt, it can be cause of overheating that's why your computer automatically restart.

I have here some of the solutions, please do any of the following to fix the problem.

Solution 1

Clean your cookies and Internet Browser, every after you play please do this method regularly. So at least you can avoid automatic restart.

Step 1: Press the Windows keys > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections category –> Internet option icon.

Step 2: On the General tab, please check the Delete browsing history on exit check box then click the Delete button.

Step 3: Kindly check all the check box to remove Temporary Internet files, History. If you doesn't want to remove passwords or Form data, it's up to you.

Step 4: Wait for a second then after deleting the files, close the dialog box.

Solution 2

Have you ever try to clean your CPU?.. If not and there's a lot of dust or dirt, better to clean them. It can cause of overheat, clean also your memory RAM. These is the steps on how to clean your CPU:

Step 1: Open your CPU, remove the cables, connectors, hard disk drive and CD/DVD Rom.

Step 2: Get a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Step 3: While the cables and connectors are remove, clean it with your soft cloth.

Step 4: In cleaning your memory RAM, get eraser to rub the golden surface. Then get a soft cloth to clean the particles of eraser. Now insert it to your computer after you clean them.

Step 5: Insert the cables, connectors, hard disk drive and CD/DVD Rom. And run now the computer to check if automatic restart is already resolve.

Solution 3

In this solution you are going to restore your computer from the very best day that your computer doesn't face any problem. Using System Restore helps you to back the previous day before you got problem on your system. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Run your computer into Safe Mode by pressing F8 key during the initial startup.

Step 2: In the Windows Advanced Option select Safe Mode then hit Enter.

Step 3: An in the startup the Desktop dialog box will open then select NO to proceed in System Restore.

Step 4: Select Restore my computer to an earlier time radio button then click Next button.

Step 5: In the calendar choose the day before when computer is working in a good condition then click Next. And the computer will automatically restart.

Solution 4

Set the Turn off the Automatic Restart under the Startup and Recovery. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Run your computer into Safe Mode, follow steps 1-2 in Solution 2.

Step 2: An in the startup the Desktop dialog box will open then select YES.

Step 3: Right click My Computer –> Properties

Step 4: On the Advanced Tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery.

Step 5: Uncheck the box with Automatic Restart and click OK

Step 6: Then restart your system in normal mode.

Solution 5

Having a lot of applications and programs that installed in your computer, can be the problem why it's automatically restart by it's own.

It remains in the memory if it is too much for the memory to handle, that you are running too many applications, programs and running many browser. If you are using multimedia user, having a lot of applications and programs, I suggest you to upgrade your memory at least 512Mb of memory. So you can avoid automatic restart also computer hang up.

Solution 6

Set the System Standby by Safe Mode method. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Look for the Solution 3 and follow the steps 1-2.

Step 2: On your desktop, right click to select Properties then select the Screen Saver tab.

Step 3: Click Power button under the Monitor power.

Step 4: Under the Power Schemes tab look down to System Standby then from the drop down list click NEVER.

Step 5: click Apply > OK.

And please also set the Monitor to turn off. Follow these steps:

Step 1: On the desktop, right click > select Properties.

Step 2: Then in the Screensaver Tab > click Power.

Step 3: In the Turn off monitor drop down list > click NEVER.

Step 4: Click Apply > OK then restart your Computer.

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Computer restarts randomly, please help


I think it is a POWER SUPPLY problem because it is not after some time and is random so it is due to the Voltage shortage or some power supply failure problem.

Check your computer power supply and if you can arrange a “steeplizer” then put it on your computer and try with that. 

I hope the problem will be solved otherwise you have to change your power supply.

When the voltages in a supply falls it stops to response and thus the computer fails, although it can be a problem of short circuit in your Motherboard so keep you Motherboard clean and also check the RAM contacts and other devices attached in your PC .

Try to boot your windows when power supply is accurate and you will see that it will work fine, it can be done early in the morning when there is a lot of voltages across PC. You can check it in that time.

Any how if it works then you have to see for you power supply and see what fault is in it. 


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Computer restarts randomly, please help


Hi good day

I read the issue about you computer always restarting, after 5, 10, 30 minutes, you know when the computer beeping long the computer is not good, to resolve this kind of issue,

  1. Check your memory card, if you have extra try to put it on. And remove old memory card
  2.  Check the CPU Fan and make sure it is in proper install.
  3. Check the Voltages of the power supply. Used 500 w power supply it is better for Core i7

If this issue will not resolve the problem was in your motherboard, the capacitor of your motherboard is got a lake.

Consult that to Computer Technician in your place.

Thank you, hope its help



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