I keep on getting the error message when using Ulead Video Studio.

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Hi everyone,

I have tried to set up Ulead Video Studio, but it has all been in vain.

The Adobe Illustrator keeps on bringing up the same error message each time.

The below attachment image showing the message I keep on getting.

Ulead Video Studio Movie Wizard Error

Ulead Video Studio Movie Wizard

Either no video capture driver is installed in this system. or no device is connected.


What could be the problem here?

I am stuck please.

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I keep on getting the error message when using Ulead Video Studio.


A pertinent question would be; Do you have any capture device connected to your computer? This may be a digital camera or a TV card that you may use to connect other devices you might use to download media files to your computer like a VCR.

If you have no capture device, this message will come up since there is a feature with Ulead Video Studio that allows you to capture images and video to your computer and if none is available, error message persists. If you have one connected to your computer, the ‘no video capture driver is installed’ comes up.

You will have to install the drivers/software that came with your connected video capture device or download the software and otherwise have it up-to-date. Check and make sure the video device is properly fitted (connected) to the computer as a loose connection may give the impression that you have no device. Check on cables and ports/slots used too.

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